Seaham Seaglass

I took a little trip to the English seacoast, specifically Yorkshire and Suffolk. Those who know me know that I love seaglass and so it was a pilgrimage of sorts to visit Seaham, in county Durham on the North Sea, a little town renowned for its abundance of beautiful seaglass.

Many years ago there was a bottle factory on that site and by 1872, John Candlish’s Londonderry Bottle Company had six glasshouses at Seaham. At the end of every day, any waste glass was dumped into the North Sea. Years later it returns as polished jewels.

Most of it is clear or green but you can also find blue and yellow and red.

The people I met on the beach in Seaham were so nice and kind. Most of them are looking for glass, I met quite a few locals and chatted with them. Often they would offer me a piece they found.

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