I studied Graphic Design and Photography at Massachusetts College of Art and had the great fortune to have Abelardo Morrell as my first teacher. I was shooting 35mm black and white film with my Nikon FM2 and learned to print my own images.

After two semesters I enrolled full-time at New England School of Photography to study photojournalism.  During that time I also took classes  with Neil Rennie, a master printer, who tought me about the finer points of color printing techniques and technical aspects of image making.

In 2001  I signed up for a course in night photography with the Nocturnes. My instructors were Tim Baskerville and Lance Keimig. That started an entirely new exploration of image making. I initially shot 35mm film with my Nikon FM2, but soon I wanted to make images on a bigger negative. Since I could not afford a decent 2 1/4 format camera, I bought  a Holga for about $20 and did a bit of research on how to disable the shutter to keep it open for long exposures and I began making images that had a very painterly quality. For me the quality of a photograph lies not necessarily in the sharpness and perfection but of the feeling it invokes.

During this time the internet also started exploding onto the photography scene, and I created my first website featuring my Holga photographs. The Holga night images became very popular and I started receiving many requests to explain how to make these images. That’s why I created a page on my site specifically dedicated to Holga questions.

I have exhibited my images in several one-person and group shows in the Bay Area, and was part of Lance Keimig’s Darkness Darkness Show at Harvard University in 2007.

In the past few years I have explored other ways of image making, like printmaking, painting and screen printing.  I like the handmade quality of these processes as opposed to the digital processes which feels removed from the image for me.

In 2008 I began shooting with digital Nikons, and film slowly became a thing of the past for me.

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