I like to make things.

I make images and gardens, and I build my own frames. I like to dig in the dirt and plant flowers, I like to sand wooden boats and restore their finish, and I like to photograph people and places. And most of all I like to paint. I like the smell of oil paint and the focus it requires to make an image. I love it when others like what I make.

I studied Graphic Design at Mass College of Art in Boston.   After that I attended New England School of Photography and graduated with honors in photojournalism.

It was the 80s and I shot 35mm film with my Nikon FM2, learned printing in both black and white and color. I moved to California in 1989 and I discovered night photography when I attended a course taught by the Nocturnes in San Francisco. I wanted to make images on a bigger negative. Since I could not afford a decent 2 1/4 format camera, I bought a Holga for about $20 and did a bit of research on how to disable the shutter and take long exposures.

In 2002 I created my first website featuring my Holga photographs. The Holga night images became very popular through Flickr and I started receiving many requests to explain how to make these images. That’s why I created a page on my site specifically dedicated to Holga questions.

I have exhibited my images in shows in the Bay Area, and was part of Lance Keimig’s Darkness Darkness Show at Harvard University in 2007.

In 2008 I began shooting with digital Nikons. I learned to create digital negatived and use old-time printing processes like cyanotype to make images. I began painting in oils about 10 years ago but have recently become much more involved in the painting process. I am in awe of painters like van Gogh and Basquiat. I love the work of Warhol and Basquiat. But also Picasso and Raphael and Monet. So much good art out there.

Many of my paintings have subjects that are ocean related, like fish and seascapes and boats. From childhood on I have either lived close to the ocean or have spent significant time near the ocean. I have sailed from Antigua to Newport RI on a 48″ racing sloop and worked in boatyards and icecream shops in small New England ports.


Mass College of Art – Graphic Design

New England School of Photography – Photojurnalism

The Nocturnes – Night Photography

San Francisco Art Institute – Printmaking, Screenprinting, Painting

City College of San Francisco – Ceramics