Happy New year

Its been a crazy 2 years and it looks like 2022 might not be any different. The virus is morphing into various letters of the Greek alphabet, the planet is warming, noone gets along, crime is rampant, we are on the verge of a civil war, yikes. From what I hear, art and artists will now move into the “Metaverse”. It does not seem very appealing. Its bad enough that we have to spend so much time staring at the computer screen. Seriously kids: get out of the house and get a life! I will paint in real life for now. I might make an NFT though.

On the bright side rain did fall on California this December, the hills are green and the days are getting longer. The drought has been downgraded from really really bad, to just kinda bad.

Immersing myself in painting and creating beauty is one way for me to keep balanced and pass that awareness of the beauty surrounding us on to the people who see my work. At the moment there is a show at Sweeties Art Bar in North Beach with work by members of the Dolphin Club. A great little watering hole, open, Wednesday through sunday 4pm to 11pm. Come by for a pint and enjoy the art.

I will be working on new paintings this winter and plan to offer limited editions of signed and numbered Giclee prints of my paintings.

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