Building Frames

Preparing for a show is very labor intensive. It’s a good thing I like this kind of labor. I have spent many hours in my friend’s shop making frames, learning how to use a miter saw, learning hot to use the table saw and the planer. Learning about the different types of wood used for frames and their properties and price and where to get it.

I tried out several places like The Home Depot, my friendly neighborhood Cole hardware store and finally settled on Builders Discount Supplies in the Mission. They have everything and it is close to my friends shop. I tried pine and poplar and maple and finally did most of it in pine, because it comes in sizes I don’t have to rip down, just cut with the miter saw.

Watching many YouTube videos to see how others did it. My first inspiration was Michael Chamberlain, who shows at the Studio Gallery in Russian Hill.

I find myself loving the process, even though it can be frustrating when things don’t turn out the way you envisioned. Measuring and cutting! So important. It’s a learning process.

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