Bonneville dancer

Took off for my cross-country trip to Maine this morning and made my first overnight stop in Wendover, Nevada, a small town that is right across the Utah state line and just a few miles from the famous Bonneville Salt Flats. I arrived just as the sun was setting and immediately drove the few miles to the flats to see the beautiful evening light illuminating the craggy rocks and the expanse of the salt desert. I decided to return the next morning to photograph the sunrise.

Got up at 4 am and drove in the dark along the lonely road out to the flats, a bit scared I might encounter some dangerous axe murderers in that vast emptiness. The road to the speedway is long and straight and I was not quite sure where it ended. I finally saw the outlines of a few cars parked at the very end and the silhouettes of a few people. I parked and walked over to where a group of young people were taking pictures of each other against the backdrop of the orange dawn. They were a group of young scientists from Japan, who were on their last day of a business trip. I offered to take a picture of all of them and they were delighted.

IMG_4675 IMG_4700 IMG_4717

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