Profile portraits

Are you trying to find someone special on Tinder, OK Cupid or

Are you desperately searching for a good profile photo of yourself.  Are you still using that badly lit photo with some stranger’s arm around your shoulder?
Your chances of getting a date are much better if you have a great photo of yourself in your profile.

According to those in the know the pictures you must have are these three: A classic headshot, a full length body shot and a “Lifestyle” shot.

I offer a portrait session, 1 hour of photography in an outdoor location of your choice in the Bay area. You get a headshot and 1 full body shot for $150. You will get a gallery of images to choose from.

I can do a lifestyle shoot separately for $200 for a 90 minute session. You choose the location and the activity. You will get a gallery of approximately 40 images to choose from.

A classic headshot

Looking straight into the camera with a nice smile, natural light,  hair nicely styled, a groomed face for men and a minimal, natural make-up look for women , and a simple background like a brick wall.

A full body shot

The full body shot is your chance to show your best attributes. Your photos should be a year old at most. You should be dressed in an outfit that makes you feel looking good and comfortable whether it’s the little black dress or your favorite pair of jeans.

A Lifestyle shot

Give a glimpse into your everyday life. This photo should show you in action participating in your favorite activity, or passion like cheering at a football game or hiking up a mountain.

What are you waiting for?

Shoot me an email and lets make a plan.

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